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Saturday, January 8, 2011


One of my latest Video Updates in Clips4sale Store!
This was obviously a tit tease!

I am so excited about the New Year. I am working on getting my health back, basically getting back in shape but I seem to do much better worrying about being healthy, fit and thin just comes with it.
While I appreciate the emails about enjoying my new curvyer form, I am not happy about it myself! I grew up extremely thin and its just where my personal comfort zone lies appearance wise.
Obviously I don't mind you all seeing me a little out of shape, I am not that vain, I just prefer to be uber thin!
I will be filming my workouts weekly, some naked some not and adding them to my clips4sale and also my websites. I know some of my pervs like watching women work out. There already are a few vids in clips4sale of me doing naked dance workouts!
Make Sure you check out it will have NEW FREE VIDEOS often!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Week

Hello friends!
This is a crazy week for me with family and all the things this wonderful holiday brings!
I am still updating my clips4sale as I film a lot of videos ahead of time!!
I have recently posted lots of new videos in a variety of fetishes, Giantess, Robot, Blow Jobs, Facials, Hand Jobs, Lots of  POV and mostly masturbation instruction, some humiliation!!
Here are some photos from a few recent updates.....
Black toes Sheer Hoes Foot Tease Masturbation Instruction

 My Hot Sexy Friend Desirae! Naughtyat home is her website and she is another friend I have known for a long time as her site has also been around for many years! Check out her Hard body and .....yes she sucks and fucks and does all the naughty wife stuff!

Of course I do blow job cum swallow and facial clips too!!
In this clip I am the Cougar Milf teaching a young man about blow jobs!

Today I plan to go see the movie Little Fockers!
Hopefully get a nice walk or run in as I need to get back in shape and also have some family time.
Write and tell me what you are up to!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16 2010

Today I hiked with Tj and collected pine cones for our Christmas Tree. 
Then of course I made horny videos to post at my clips4sale store.
Here are a few teaser photos from them!

Tit Tease Masturbation Instruction

Ass Worship in a Pretty Thong
Masturbation Instruction!

Teasing the Fat Fucker

 Naughty Sexy Lipstick Tease Masturbation Instruction

I will be posting photos of my friends in Holiday Dress, or Santa Suits!
This is one of my Favorites!
 I have known Wifey forever, and she is a ht horny cock sucking cum guzzler, must be why we are friends!
Check out her site Here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15 2010

December 15, 2010
Check out my Interview at
It Answers Some Fun Facts About me and shows you some hot sexy horny slutty pictures!
My Interview!

So what do I do all day? Well I work on making Videos for my Clips4sale stores and I added a few photos for you below. I also look for cool porn to post on my website and I found this awesome Desk Top Stripper Page today!
How fun to have a sexy slut dancing on your computer for you!

I do a lot of different fetish type videos a lot by request! Below is a photo from a video tease of Black Toes with Toe Rings. Of course my videos have a lot of masturbation instruction!

I also do a lot of Tit Tease and Nipple Play with Masturbation Instruction, Boob Bouncing and more!

 And of course TJ has to get in on some of the action. Here is a naughty slutty hand job I gave him and he shot his huge load of cum all over me. I did eat what I could!

Thought I would introduce you to one of my sexy friends! I have a lot more too!

What else do I do in a day? I am an avid reader and love everything scary I can get my hands on! I am currently reading of Love and Evil By Anne Rice   and I just finished Twilight By Stepanie Meyer.
I also recently watched Twilight Eclipse this past weekend....I can see the fascination with Vampires being a cock sucker and all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Ready For the Holidays

 Some pictures from one of my favortie photo shoots. I will have Tj take some new Holiday pics of me as soonas our company leaves! Today we put up our Christmas Tree that we cut down ourselves. I love nature and all it has to offer....including outdoor sex!

Yes this was a little cold, but it was so fun I didn't think about it. I mostly thought about going in doors to make the video....the photo below is from the video! You can see why I was distracted!

Of course this ended in a hot gooey facial! What else would you expect from me?

Watch for Holiday photos of some of my web friends!  I will be posting new stuff daily!

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I am excited to share my favorite porn links and pictures with you! If you want to as me questions or have anything to say email me at
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